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Micdanco Equipment Repairs Limited

Micdanco equipment repair services specialize in the repair and maintenance of heavy-duty machines and vehicles typically used in earth-moving and construction applications. Equipment specially designed for executing construction tasks—most often machinery involving earth moving—is referred to as heavy equipment; this type of equipment is also known as earth movers, engineering vehicles, construction equipment, or just equipment. Implement, traction, structure, power train, control, and information are the five equipment systems that comprise heavy equipment. Heavy equipment repair service offers valuable service in all these systems.

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Micdanco equipment repair services offer services to different types of off-road and heavy equipment products. Examples include:

  • aerial work platforms
  • lift tables
  • air tracks
  • agricultural tractors
  • articulated trucks and haulers
  • asphalt plants and pavers
  • backhoes and backhoe loaders
  • boom trucks
  • bulldozers
  • cherry pickers
  • cold planers

Off-road and heavy equipment products also include combat engineering vehicles such as modified tanks and mine excavators, compact excavators, and crawler carriers, portable concrete batch plants for on-site production, construction and mining tractors, construction and mining trucks, cranes, and cure rigs. In addition, suppliers may provide dragline excavators, dredging equipment, drilling machines, wheel excavators, bagger or digger excavators, and feller bunchers


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Heavy equipment repair services are available at the repair centers and field repair as well. Different types of heavy equipment repair services include:

  • maintenance
  • repair
  • diagnostics
  • welding
  • fabrication
  • component repair
  • gearbox repair
  • hydraulic repair
  • vacuum pump repair
  • cylinder repair
  • drive train component repair
  • hydrostatic repair
  • engine repair
  • transmission repair
  • steering and brake component repair
  • replacement of parts

Many heavy equipment repair services are fully equipped for field services with service trucks carrying welding machines, compressors, and cranes capable of lifting 6,000 lbs or more.

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Micdanco equipment repair services will typically pick up non-working components and parts from the location and return them as soon as they have been rebuilt or replaced at their full-service repair shops. Since there is competition in the heavy equipment repair services field, heavy equipment repair services offer excellent services in a timely manner. In addition, many of the heavy equipment repair services have a full-service rebuild shop to service broken parts and components like engines, torque converters, and differentials.

Price transparency

Clear and without any surprises, our prices are displayed throughout our workshops.
Our packages include spare parts and labor.

Guaranteed Original Parts

By entrusting the maintenance of your equipment to Micdanco Equipment, you are sure that you are buying original spare parts that guarantee maximum performance and safety.

Staff trained in the latest technology

The technical development of equipment requires well-trained staff who can provide excellent after-sales service. This is why Micdanco technicians regularly go on specialized training courses.

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